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At risk of redundancy – the employers obligation

When an employer has to make the unfortunate decision which employees he has to make redundant, any employees who are at risk of redundancy will need to be informed of this risk in writing. This writing effectively initiates a consultation period of 30 days.

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Unfair Redundancy

The Employment Rights Act 1996 was introduced partly as a means of protecting workers from being unfairly chosen for redundancy or unfairly sacked and when an employee is unfairly dismissed from their job they are then well within their rights to take further action against their employer as long as the employee has the required [...]

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Compromise Agreements

Compromise Agreements are a common feature of employment law and in particular the termination of employment. Such agreements are the only method by which an employer can ringfence potential future claims and liabilities to the employee and from the employee’s perspective, such agreements will usually result in the employee receiving an extra sum of money, [...]

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Guide to voluntary redundancy

Voluntary redundancy occurs when an employer offers a financial incentive for employees to leave a company voluntarily, to save on the formal selection procedures that are involved in compulsory redundancies. Many individuals who have ever experienced compulsory redundancy would consider voluntary redundancy a luxurious option as it often comes with an option of either staying [...]

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