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Fixed term employment contracts

A fixed-term employment contract is a contract which lasts for a specific amount of time, until a specific goal is achieved or until a specified event takes place. A good example of a fixed term employment contract would be an individual brought in to cover someone’s maternity leave or seasonal workers brought in to cover [...]

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Gardening leave

Gardening leave is a term used to describe situation where an employee whose employment has been terminated (i.e. by handing his or her notice in or being served with a notice) is prevented from work. This practice is particularly common in corporate environments where data protection is of vital importance. By being prevented from normal [...]

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Constructive dismissal

Constructive dismissal is a form of dismissal. It occurs when you are forced to quit your job against your wishes because of your employer’s intolerable behaviour. If you feel like your employer is making your working conditions and life so difficult that you see no other option than to leave your job, you may be [...]

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