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The law on sex discrimination

Sex discrimination is where a person is treated unfavourably as a result of being a particular sex. If sex discrimination occurs in employment, education, provision of goods and services, housing or public authorities, it is illegal. The law of sex discrimination also protects against pregnancy, gender reassignment, civil partnerships and sexuality. Sex discrimination can be [...]

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Discrimination law

Discrimination law is an area of law that provides legal framework for effective protection of individuals’ rights to equality. In the UK, the discrimination laws state that no individual shall be treated less favourably because of certain protected characteristics such as sex, race, disability or religion. The law also sets out duties for public organisations [...]

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New unfair dismissal rules to lead to more discrimination claims ?

When an employee loses their job and they feel that their employer has acted unfairly they may take legal action. This challenge may be about the method of dismissal or the reasons for the dismissal. These claims are not usually taken to the courts but instead lodged with specialist employment tribunals. Since the recession there [...]

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Sex discrimination

Sex Discrimination Discrimination in relation to employees is now covered by the Equality Act 2010.  Sex is one of the protected characteristics under the legislation. Under the Act, there are four types of discrimination defined, these are direct and indirect discrimination as well as harassment and victimisation. Under the Equality Act 2010 an employer will [...]

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