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Tinkering around the edges ?

The well publicised employment law changes announced yesterday by Vince cable seem to us to be typical of the way in which employment law and politics are so heavily intertwined. There are few other areas of law, criminal law excepted, which have such a direct correlation with politics, because employment law matters to us all. [...]

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Employment rights and interns – are they entitled to payment ?

Due to the current economic climate, overcrowded labour market and increasing number of graduates coming out of university the number of internships which are available has greatly increased over the last few years as a way for people to get their foot in the door. However, due to recent legal rulings employers may now be [...]

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Agency workers rights

An agency worker is someone who is employed by an agency, who then performs work for one or more of the agency’s clients (these clients can often be referred to as the end user). This is the employment model that companies such as recruitment agencies, and temping agencies employ. The employment contract that the agency [...]

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HR Bullets

For us, the primary purpose of a website in professional services is to offer readers an insight into who we are, what our experience is, to demonstrate our competence, to build a relationship as a trusted provider. In line with this  is genuinely helping our visitors by pointing out other excellent resources they may not [...]

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Employment Tribunal Statistics

The Government has just published the latest statistics on use of the Employment Tribunals in England & Wales. The report is here. The headline figures worth noting, by both employers and employees are :-

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Possible pitfalls of no win no fee

Many prospective clients look for no win no fee employment law advice, and we can obviously understand why. First, such an arrangement transfers the risk to the solicitor and secondly, many employees can’t afford legal fees. I should also say from the outset that Darlingtons rarely undertake no win no fee work, for many of [...]

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The Employment Tribunal window of opportunity

Frankly, setting aside the important issues of principle and sometime poor treatment of employees (to which we return later), in the vast majority of employment tribunal cases which go anywhere near to a tribunal hearing, there are no winners or losers. In most cases there is what we call a “window of opportunity” for an [...]

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