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Sexual Orientation Discrimination

All employees are legally protected from sexual orientation discrimination in the workplace from the moment they begin their job right through until the job ends and this protection against discrimination should cover: The recruitment of the employee The terms and conditions of the employee’s job The employee’s right to work benefits, including pensions The employee’s [...]

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Sex Discrimination Questionnaire – top tips

Direct Sex Discrimination in the Workplace Direct sex discrimination is when one employee is treated less favourably than another because of their sex/gender, sexual orientation, marital status, a pregnancy or because they have undergone a sex change, also known as gender reassignment. When an individual suffers from direct sex discrimination in the workplace and wishes [...]

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The law on sex discrimination

Sex discrimination is where a person is treated unfavourably as a result of being a particular sex. If sex discrimination occurs in employment, education, provision of goods and services, housing or public authorities, it is illegal. The law of sex discrimination also protects against pregnancy, gender reassignment, civil partnerships and sexuality. Sex discrimination can be [...]

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Discrimination law

Discrimination law is an area of law that provides legal framework for effective protection of individuals’ rights to equality. In the UK, the discrimination laws state that no individual shall be treated less favourably because of certain protected characteristics such as sex, race, disability or religion. The law also sets out duties for public organisations [...]

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Sex discrimination

Sex Discrimination Discrimination in relation to employees is now covered by the Equality Act 2010.  Sex is one of the protected characteristics under the legislation. Under the Act, there are four types of discrimination defined, these are direct and indirect discrimination as well as harassment and victimisation. Under the Equality Act 2010 an employer will [...]

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