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Wrongful dismissal, self employment and appeals

I try to make a point on this site of remembering that my audience is employers and employees and not other lawyers. Most of my readers are unlikely to be interested in a detailed analysis of legal points raised in various Employment Tribunal or County/High Court claims and instead want an overview of the law [...]

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Tinkering around the edges ?

The well publicised employment law changes announced yesterday by Vince cable seem to us to be typical of the way in which employment law and politics are so heavily intertwined. There are few other areas of law, criminal law excepted, which have such a direct correlation with politics, because employment law matters to us all. [...]

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An employee has started a Tribunal claim – what the employer needs to know

When an employee or former employee wishes to bring a case against you to the Employment Tribunal they will have to complete an ET1 form. The form contains information such as name, address, grounds of complaint and what remedy is to be sought by the employee or former employee. The employee or former employee is [...]

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Disability law – excellent resource

We came across a site this morning on the web which we hadn’t seen before, so thought it would be useful to showcase it, as it provides some really excellent resources. The site is DLS.org.uk. Whilst the primary focus of the site is on disability law, which is a huge and very important topic, with [...]

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Employment Tribunal Time Limits

The time limit for most claims in the Employment Tribunal is 3 months but issues can arise as to when the 3 month timescale starts in cases where it is not otherwise obvious, such as where the employer has dismissed the employee. Late claims will only be considered by the tribunal under very specific circumstances [...]

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Employment Tribunals – the basics

What is an Employment Tribunal and what are the main points to know ? Employment tribunals deal with the vast majority of legal disputes arising from employment law. They are part of the judicial system but are separately organised from the main civil courts (The County Courts and the Supreme Court). There are a number [...]

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Possible pitfalls of no win no fee

Many prospective clients look for no win no fee employment law advice, and we can obviously understand why. First, such an arrangement transfers the risk to the solicitor and secondly, many employees can’t afford legal fees. I should also say from the outset that Darlingtons rarely undertake no win no fee work, for many of [...]

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