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Zero hours contracts

A Zero Hours contract is a form of contract that a company may wish to use for casual workers where there is no guarantee of the amount of work available and they wish to appoint on an ad hoc basis. Where there is an employment relationship this involves obligations for the company to provide work [...]

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Fixed term employment contracts

A fixed-term employment contract is a contract which lasts for a specific amount of time, until a specific goal is achieved or until a specified event takes place. A good example of a fixed term employment contract would be an individual brought in to cover someone’s maternity leave or seasonal workers brought in to cover [...]

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Employment contracts – what employers need to know

In an earlier post this week, I explained why it’s important for employers to strongly consider having an employee handbook, with one of the reasons being that a contract of employment, as with other contracts, cannot be altered by one of the parties without the others consent. However, in one important sense, employers also need [...]

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Staff handbook – a key reason to have one

Many small employers don’t bother getting a staff handbook, otherwise known sometimes as an employee handbook or employment policies and procedures. We can understand why, on the grounds of not wanting to create endless paperwork, a perception that a small business doesn’t need one, and perhaps cost.

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Bonus payments in employment contracts & law

The legal requirement for companies to pay bonuses and for employees to receive bonuses is often misunderstood by both parties. It is important that employers are aware of their contractual arrangement prior to entering into an employment contract with an employee, and thereafter once bonus have been paid on a year on year basis. There [...]

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Withdrawal of job offers, conditional offers & employment law

A contract of employment is as any other contract. The contract is formed when there is a clear offer of employment and this is accepted by the employee, which can, like most other forms of contract in English law, be communicated verbally or in writing. Once an unconditional offer (see below) has been accepted any [...]

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Gardening leave

Gardening leave is a term used to describe situation where an employee whose employment has been terminated (i.e. by handing his or her notice in or being served with a notice) is prevented from work. This practice is particularly common in corporate environments where data protection is of vital importance. By being prevented from normal [...]

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Employee share option schemes

A share option is the right to buy or to sell a certain number of shares at a pre-defined set price regardless of the actual market value of the shares in particular company at some point in the future. Some companies run company share schemes for employees. The employees are then able to share options [...]

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Restraint of trade

Restraint of Trade It is often the case that employers will seek to introduce Restrictive Covenants into employment contracts in order to protect their business should an employee leave, either on their accord or via company procedures, notably termination or redundancy. It is very important that both employers and employees have a clear understanding as [...]

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