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Damages for discrimination

Discrimination in the working environment is unlawful. If an employee has been discriminated against by their employer then they can bring a claim for compensation against the employer in an employment tribunal. Types of Discrimination There is no closed list of the types of discrimination, however common examples include: Age Discrimination Disability Discrimination Pregnancy and [...]

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Harassment law guide

There are different types of harassment as recognised under English Law. Harassment may, if influenced by discrimination, come under the Equality Act 2010. Other types of harassment come under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 which is rarely used in any employment law context and so we will not deal with it in this article.

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Sex Discrimination Questionnaire – top tips

Direct Sex Discrimination in the Workplace Direct sex discrimination is when one employee is treated less favourably than another because of their sex/gender, sexual orientation, marital status, a pregnancy or because they have undergone a sex change, also known as gender reassignment. When an individual suffers from direct sex discrimination in the workplace and wishes [...]

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The Equality Act – how it applies to discrimination at work

The law on discrimination has always been a complicated area for employers to navigate. Provisions were previously covered by a number of different acts. These included :- Sex Discrimination Act 1975 Race Relations Acts 1976; Disability Discrimination Act 1995 There has now been an attempt to harmonise the legislation and a result of that the [...]

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Direct and indirect discrimination – what’s the difference ?

Equal Opportunities Law states that all individuals should be employed, paid and promoted solely because of the skills and abilities they possess and how they do their job and when an employee or applicant is treated less favourably than another employee or applicant by the employer this will be classed as discrimination. In cases like [...]

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Discrimination issues and the burden of the recession

Well, it seems that that’s exactly what the government are hoping for. They intend to simplify the Equality Act to lessen what they believe are unnecessary obligations placed on businesses. The new plans include the possible scrapping of the third party harassment law, which includes removing the employer’s liability when an employee is harassed by [...]

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Direct discrimination

Two types of discrimination can exist in the United Kingdom, indirect discrimination and direct discrimination. Indirect discrimination is when an organisation has policies and rules applied equally to all members of the organisation. However, the effect of the policy causes disadvantage to one particular group of individuals. Direct discrimination is where an individual is treated [...]

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