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Disability law – excellent resource

We came across a site this morning on the web which we hadn’t seen before, so thought it would be useful to showcase it, as it provides some really excellent resources. The site is DLS.org.uk. Whilst the primary focus of the site is on disability law, which is a huge and very important topic, with [...]

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Discrimination law

Discrimination law is an area of law that provides legal framework for effective protection of individuals’ rights to equality. In the UK, the discrimination laws state that no individual shall be treated less favourably because of certain protected characteristics such as sex, race, disability or religion. The law also sets out duties for public organisations [...]

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Disability discrimination

Direct Discrimination This would be where an employer treats an employee less favourably because of a disability. The employee would need to highlight a relevant comparator i.e. a colleague in a similar position without a disability. If they are unable to do this they can rely on a hypothetical comparator. Indirect Discrimination Applying a provision [...]

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