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Without prejudice – the timing and risks on compromise agreements

Many employer and employees ask us about the meaning of without prejudice, which is an important legal concept and which almost certainly appears as prominent wording on the front page of a proposed compromise agreement. In previous posts on compromise agreements, we explain how these agreements are commonly used to resolve issues between employers and [...]

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Negotiating compromise agreements

With the changing economic conditions, the issue of negotiating compromise agreements has become more prominent. This may seem an odd thing to say since these agreements have always been negotiable – an employer cannot force an employee to sign an agreement and consequently, the financial package has to be acceptable to the employee.

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Compromise Agreements

Compromise Agreements are a common feature of employment law and in particular the termination of employment. Such agreements are the only method by which an employer can ringfence potential future claims and liabilities to the employee and from the employee’s perspective, such agreements will usually result in the employee receiving an extra sum of money, [...]

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The Employment Tribunal window of opportunity

Frankly, setting aside the important issues of principle and sometime poor treatment of employees (to which we return later), in the vast majority of employment tribunal cases which go anywhere near to a tribunal hearing, there are no winners or losers. In most cases there is what we call a “window of opportunity” for an [...]

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