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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Engaging self-employed contractors

Increasingly more businesses are using external consultants. This has a number of legal, tax and perhaps, dependent on the circumstances, commercial advantages. This article focuses on the main points that should be considered by companies that intend to use self-employed contractors in their businesses. Be aware, as a starting point, in employment law terms, that [...]

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The Employment Tribunal window of opportunity

Frankly, setting aside the important issues of principle and sometime poor treatment of employees (to which we return later), in the vast majority of employment tribunal cases which go anywhere near to a tribunal hearing, there are no winners or losers. In most cases there is what we call a “window of opportunity” for an [...]

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Discrimination law

Discrimination law is an area of law that provides legal framework for effective protection of individuals’ rights to equality. In the UK, the discrimination laws state that no individual shall be treated less favourably because of certain protected characteristics such as sex, race, disability or religion. The law also sets out duties for public organisations [...]

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Equal Pay law – a summary

The current anti-discrimination laws state that men and women are entitled to be treated equally and that there are entitled to the same level of remuneration for their work as men. This includes equal pay in respect of salary, pension schemes and bonuses. The basic equality rights derive from the European Union’s primary sources of [...]

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New unfair dismissal rules to lead to more discrimination claims ?

When an employee loses their job and they feel that their employer has acted unfairly they may take legal action. This challenge may be about the method of dismissal or the reasons for the dismissal. These claims are not usually taken to the courts but instead lodged with specialist employment tribunals. Since the recession there [...]

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Equality policy – our top tips

An Equality Policy is a document which states how the company in question will promote equality within the workplace and how any issues of discrimination will be dealt with. Companies are not legally obliged to have an Equality Policy but having a policy in place shows that the company is committed to equality for both [...]

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Whistleblowing update

A whistleblower is the name given to an employee that exposes malpractice or wrongdoing in the workplace, such as criminal activity. In the interest of protecting the public, whistleblowers receive special protection from losing their job or being victimised (such as not being offered a promotion) under employment law provided they follow the correct procedure. [...]

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Unfair dimissal – changes to the law

Change in Unfair Dismissal Unfair dismissal is when your employer dismisses you without good reason, where they have not followed the correct procedure for dismissing you or where you were dismissed for an automatically unfair reason such as trying to exercise your statutory employment rights. If employees find themselves in this position they can bring [...]

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Sick leave

SICK LEAVE:  EMPLOYEE RIGHTS There are an estimated 200 million sick days taken in a calendar year, causing an approximately £17 billion burden for the UK economy. UK legislation sets down a statutory minimum requirement for sick leave that every employee is entitled to. However, it is worth checking your employment contract, as this will [...]

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